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Nuenz, headquartered in Christchurch, New Zealand, is a manufacturer of new materials for advanced composite applications.  

We specialise in new manufacturing technologies, high-quality production and research expertise into new materials for customers who are looking for stronger, lighter and faster composites.

Nuenz was formed in 2011 and has its main Manufacturing & Laboratories in Lower Hutt, New Zealand.

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A truly collaborative process.

Nuenz develops new coatings and composites with our customers using our composite development team.

The process involves a proven three-stage process to develop a proprietary formulation which has enhanced properties and provides significant value creation for our customers.

Project Scoping

We sit down with your engineers, R&D and marketing team to scope out some requirements and set some goals.

Nuenz Trials

You send us some of your product, and Nuenz will start the process, running trials and reporting back the results.

Partner Trials

We send you some recommendations based on our trials, and your team can test and select the most optimal solution. Up until now 3 - 4 months have passed, and there is $0 of direct cost to you.

Draft Commercial Agreement

We start the conversation around what a commercial agreement looks like between your business and Nuenz.

Commercial Agreement

Once a commercial agreement has been reached, full-scale production can start. The entire process is usually completed in < 9 months.

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