1. boron nitride coating
  2. F90 silicon nitride fibres or whiskers
  3. silicon nitride fibres growing
  4. silicon nitride whiskers growing
  5. silicon nitride fibres
  6. silicon nitride fibers


Production Technician

Reporting to: Senior Production Technician, R&D Scientist and Chief Scientist

Qualifications required: Science degree or equivalent

Experience required: 3 years in a laboratory environment
Laboratory Technician.

The primary responsibility of the Production Technician will be operating and maintaining Nuenz production equipment.  Core competencies for this role include:

H&S:  Ensure safe operations of production equipment and safety of yourself and other people operating in production environments.

Mitigate release of hazardous substances into the environment.

Develop and maintain all SOPs for production space.

Production:  Maintain production equipment to an operational capacity.

Maintain production inventories.

Carry out quality control of feedstock and product produced.

Identify and report issues that may affect the operation of plant.

Identify possible production improvements and raise these with the management team.


Reporting:  Raise any H&S issues to the Laboratory Manager or Facilities Director.

Report written monthly production report:
  • Inventory status
  • Production/maintenance issues and plans for mitigation
  • QC results

Maintain the production log.

Report any interim issues at the weekly meeting.

Identify potential production improvements and highlight at weekly meeting.

R&D:  Carrying out experiments as required by the R&D team.

Report and communicate experimental results.

Identify and report issues that may affect results.

Other:  The Production Technician will be expected to be fully involved in and contribute to the Nuenz business.  This involves becoming familiar with a range of tasks involved in the development and manufacture of new materials and composites.

Please forward your covering letter and CV to: kelly.betteridge@nuenz.com


We typically take on summer interns under our summer graduate programme.  This is open to students who have completed 2nd or 3rd year of a science or engineering degree.  Contact us July each year if you are interested in a position.  Positions are typically filled by August.

​If you are interested in discussing working at Nuenz, please contact us at info@nuenz.com